Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dump Run

Chatham Township has a dump.  It's mainly a recycling center, but there is also a big compost area for grass clippings, leaves and branches.  As I'm getting my garden ready for a visit from the Morris County Master Gardeners next week, I have been doing the pruning jobs that should have been done in spring.  

All this was an excuse to ask my friend Sarah if she'd come over with her truck to take me and a load of branches to the dump.  Sarah has a truck.  Not just any truck.  A 1931 Model A Ford pickup.

As loaded up the back, I whined, "Do you want to wrap them in a tarp?  Won't we scratch it?" Sarah laughed. "Oh, no, she's a working truck."

We hopped in and started her up.  The controls are wild.  Clutches and chokes with a beautiful sleek design.  Henry Ford was a minimalist.

So off we went.  You get wonderful reactions in an antique truck:  drivers wave, walkers smile, mothers point you out their children. 

The dump. It is along the power lines with an inviting dirt road leading into it. There are great piles of organic matter and a savory smell of rotting vegetation, if you like that sort of thing as I do.

Here are Sarah and her truck.

The truck's name is Emma.

Oh what fun it was to ride in a 1931 Model A Ford, on a sunny summer morning.  Dashing to the dump.


Vicki Lane said...

Oh, how gorgeous! My husband will be green with envy. He had a Model A when we were in high school, back in the late Fifties -- and his parents sold it when he went off to college. What a lovely way to go to the dump!

Emma is a beauty!!!

Marta McDowell said...

My husband had a yellow convertible that his father sold when he was at college. What was that about anyway?

Susan aka Miss R said...

Oh boy! I've seen Sarah's truck around town and have I been jealous! Loved your post and the newly (or not so newly) titled blog it's been a while since I've had time to make the rounds.

Barbee' said...

So, Sarah brought Emma over and the three of you got things done. What a delight! Isn't it nice to have friends who will pitch in and help?! Emma is a beauty even when working.

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